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Wellbeing Support 

Wellbeing support for general practice staff 

Castleman Healthcare is supporting practices in 2023 by funding a professional coach to offer coaching and leadership sessions. 

Emma Hackett has been working with Castleman since 2022 and her sessions have been so well received that we are repeating this in 2023 so more practice staff can benefit. These will include 

leadership development workshops, wellbeing and resilience workshops and 1:1 coaching for GPs, business managers and reception teams. 

During 2023, Emma will be supporting Castleman staff with: 

  • A programme of Leadership Development workshops for practice leaders to explore and develop their leadership style, empower their teams and drive the productivity and performance of their Practice.

  • Monthly wellbeing and resilience workshops to support staff to reduce stress, improve wellbeing, promote good mental health and build resilience. 

  • One-to-one coaching for GPs, business managers and reception teams.  


Emma says, "Working with Castleman Healthcare has been a really meaningful project for me: supporting the general practice staff who support 120,000 patients in the area. It has been a real pleasure to work with Castleman and the practice staff and a privilege to learn more about the challenges they face. I am delighted to continue working with so many wonderful people dedicated to providing exemplary patient care in 2023."

“When I noticed our Practice pharmacist was unusually stressed, I suggested she try the five-finger breathing exercise you taught us – or the “palm of calm” as I call it! We practiced it together the first time, then she did it a few times at her own pace. She said it was amazing – it calmed her right down and she can’t believe it worked! Can’t thank you enough Emma, that little technique is making a big difference in our practice!”

Leadership Development workshop delegate

A Castleman Healthcare Case Study can by found by clicking on the following link:

Castleman Case Study 2022-2023

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