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Castleman Healthcare exists to help our member practices achieve more by working together.

General practice faces enormous challenges, with individuals, practices and PCNs all under unprecedented pressure. Our core business is designed to alleviate some of that pressure, reflected in our purpose - ‘making your working lives easier’.


Also important is the way we work on behalf of our practices and the PCNs they are aligned to, in line with our values of integrity, trust, fairness and ‘doing things properly’. This defines us as a business, particularly the way we represent our member practices during discussions which will impact the way patient care is delivered locally.


Each year we agree our objectives with our member practices and deliver on these, by running Castleman as a successful and sustainable business with a lean structure. Our Annual Review is published here.


Our history goes back to 2015, when we were established. Since then we have supported our members with a Transformation Project. This led to the development and implementation of the ICPCS service. The Public Health contracts were our first successful contract and these continue in all practices. We provided integral support during the Covid-19 pandemic, setting up a Covid hot site in Wimborne Hospital and consequently clearing the spirometry backlog.


We supported the PCNs and the CDs with the establishment of the PCNs, providing business consultancy support and guidance in developing plans and initial recruitment of staff as well as bringing together the three CDs and their Business Managers to work together as the Castleman Advisory Committee thereby ensuring our work is aligned to the practices and PCNs aims and objectives.


We operate as a not-for-profit company and all financial surpluses are reinvested.

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