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Our Services

Castleman Healthcare offers patients in its GP Practices exciting and innovative services, the details of which can be found below.

Public Health

In 2015 Castleman Health won a number of Public Health Dorset contracts and continues to deliver these services across its twelve practices.


Contact James for more information: james@castlemanhealthcare.co.uk

NHS Health Checks

This nationwide service is available to invited patients aged 40 to 74 who have no underlying health conditions. The health check provides on-the-spot cholesterol testing and analysis, health advice including diet, weight and cardio-vascular disease testing as well as signposting support to Livewell Dorset and other services.


Sexual Health Level 2

Participating Castleman Healthcare practices can fit, remove or replace contraceptive devices including IUDs and implants.


Smoke Stop

Participating Castleman Healthcare practices can provide one-to-one support, counselling and medication to patients wishing to stop smoking.


Needle Exchange

Participating Castleman Healthcare practices can support patients on the methadone programme, replacing and providing hypodermic equipment. 

Castleman Healthcare Projects

Castleman Healthcare is committed to transforming Primary Care to ensure that it remains at the very heart of the NHS and our health communities. Through innovation and collaboration, we are providing new and exciting services to our patients and ensuring that our GP practices continue to develop and thrive.

We have a number of exciting projects in progress including with a focus on collaborative working across our localities and our community healthcare service providers.

GP Practice Training: Active Signposting, Care Navigators and Managing Clinical Correspondence

Lead: Sarah Faulkner

Active Signposting by reception staff provides patients with a first point of contact and directs them to the most appropriate source of help. We have trained over 90 reception staff in active signposting and have developed a local directory of services to support our staff with care navigation.


We have provided training in Managing Clinical Correspondence in our practices during 2018. The benefits of this system are proving great and results show that it can free up to 40 mins per GP per day.  

​MSK Practitioners

Lead: James Leyland

Bringing MSK Practitioners into General Practice was part of our Transformation care redesign and we recognise that the role of MSK practitioners in primary care offers an immediate solution to workforce and demand issues. With the transition to networks we hope to have more MSK practitioners in post in 2020.


This role will help as it will mean patients do not need to see a GP regarding their MSK conditions, instead either self-referring into the service, or being booked into the service by our trained receptionists, thus freeing up GP time and appointments for other patients.


Studies have indicated that up to 50% of GP consultations relate to MSK conditions. MSK practitioners are autonomous and regulated practitioners.

Improved Access to GP Services

Lead: Fiona Pickering

Castleman Healthcare is a partner of the Mid Dorset Health Alliance, a collaboration of both Primary, Secondary and Community Care stakeholders working together to deliver the Improved Access to GP services across the Mid-Dorset cluster including locations at Poole Hospital, Swanage Hospital and Wimborne Hospital.


For more information on this service please contact Fiona Pickering at info@castlemanhealthcare.co.uk

Phlebotomy & INRs

Contact James Leyland 

Each practice in Castleman has successfully made the transition to taking its phlebotomy service in house and out of the hospital under the 'care closer to home scheme'. Patients can now access phlebotomy services at their local practice. Future work is being developed to move from INR testing (where a patient on Warfarin has a blood test and the results are analysed by a lab and conveyed to a patient a few days later) to point of care testing (where the patient is informed of the results immediately).

For more information please contact James Leyland at info@castlemanhealthcare.co.uk

School Based Initiatives

Contact Sarah Faulkner 

During self care week in 2018, Castleman Healthcare led a project with Public Health Dorset to create a short presentation for all local schools to share with their students with an aim to educating young people on what self care is, its importance and the services available to them. 

Castleman Healthcare has been working with local young people to create a web-based directory of services and information designed with young people in mind. This page has been created to help young people, their families and carers access and find a range of health services and reliable information about self care all in one place.